Emotional Freedom Therapy

Suitable for:

Career & Work


Mild Addictions (smoking, chocolate etc.)


Recovery from Accident/Surgery


Weight Control/Body Image/Emotional Eating


Brain Fog




For Children & Parents


Effects of Trauma


Low Self Esteem




Allergies (pollen, dust etc.)


Grief & Loss


Chronic Pain


Blocks on Performances (acting, singing, sports etc.)


Fears & Phobias (heights, flying, swimming, animals etc.)


What is emotional freedom Therapy?

The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is partially based upon the ancient Chinese principles of acupuncture. It offers a solution for many physical, emotional, and performance issues, by manipulating the body’s acupuncture meridian lines through gentle tapping. Because of this it is also known as “Meridian Tapping”.

Practiced worldwide, EFT has been used to treat both general and specific issues, from stress, weight loss issues, and addictions, to physical issues such as chronic pain. The reason EFT is so widely useful is that whatever part of your life you are experiencing problems with, there are often unresolved issues getting in the way of your healing.

By tapping on the precise acupuncture points, EFT helps you to become tuned in to patterns around uncomfortable emotions, thoughts or memories. The continuous pattern of tapping on these points allows you to bring these thoughts into your awareness in a safe, controlled way. Releasing these negative blocks aids relaxation, brings relief, and promotes healing, whether the issue you face is physical or emotional.

Many clients go on to learn how to use the technique as a practical self-help tool. This arms them with an ongoing support method to use whenever and wherever they feel they need it. If necessary it is always possible to return for a ‘maintenance’ session, should you feel that it is required or if the issue being addressed is too difficult to deal with alone.

Well known people who use EFT:

  • Duchess of Cornwall
  • Naomi Harris
  • Fernando Alonso

the appointment – What to expect

Prior to coming for a first consultation, the client will have filled out an online booking form briefly outlining problem[s] that they wish to address. The client will also have been able to view a simple diagram showing where the tapping positions are.

The initial consultation begins with a discussion of the issue(s) mentioned on the booking form and how the client can expect to work and resolve these issues using EFT. During this first consultation the client will experience EFT, its possibilities and effects. Clients usually leave feeling that they have gained greater clarity of their situation and have made some (often significant) shifts.
While the practitioner is tapping on the meridian points, she will chat briefly on how the client feels about the issue that they wish to address at that moment. There will be no need to reveal any specific aspect of the issue if the client does not wish to, simply maintaining a ‘focus’ will be quite enough. The technique helps the client feel safe at any time.

During this first consultation, the client will get some indication of the number of sessions needed, although this can change depending upon progress, and is something that will be discussed as needed. Whilst some problems can dissipate quickly, others are more complex and present numerous different “aspects” to be worked through. EFT takes a person-centred approach and works at the appropriate pace for each individual client.

Clients will also be guided through and encouraged to use the techniques on their own between visits. This can both accelerate the process and empower the person to manage their own lives effectively, especially in times of need.
The client will be guided through the layers and different aspects of their issue[s]. During this process many different thoughts, physical or emotional sensations may come up; childhood traumas, forgotten, buried memories, painful events will probably rise to the surface. These are often part of the root cause of the issue, although a conscious connection between them may not be apparent.

After only a few sessions of tapping [either guided or done by the client themselves], there are often collateral side benefits, sometimes seemingly completely unrelated to what is being worked on. This is part of the strength emanating from EFT.

how long is a session

The initial consultation is approximately 60-90 minutes

Follow up sessions are 30-60mins

learn more about eft

“EFT is typically used to work on emotional traumas like phobias and childhood events. Many psychologists use the technique because it gets faster and better results than many other methods. But its use is not limited to psychologists or even trauma. I am not a psychologist myself. And while that stuff is great, I’m always looking for the edge to help me get stronger. What I have found is that EFT is a great tool for getting better results in the gym and in sports”
“One of the things that hold people back from achieving their goals in the gym is injury. EFT can help greatly here. Injuries aren’t just physical, but have a mental-emotional component to them, as well. When this mental aspect is dealt with a person can greatly accelerate the healing of an injury. In fact, sometimes it seems like the emotional trauma is the only thing holding the injury in place.”

Logan Christopher Coach, United States (Gymnastics, Strength & Conditioning, Strongman)

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