Facial Energy Release

Facial Energy Release (FER)

Suitable for:

Encouraging Better Sleep Patterns


Lifting Contours of Face


Reducing Depth of Wrinkles


Reducing Stress


Softening Held Expression Folds


Improving Texture of Skin


Freshening Complexion


Relieving Headaches/Migraines


Easing Facial Neurological Spasms


Encouraging Blood and Lymph Circulation


Easing Neck & Shoulder Tension


Helping to Reduce Scarring


Lifting Heavy Lids over Eyes


Easing Temporal Mandible Joint (TMJ) Tension


Tightening Jawline


What is Facial Energy Release

Facial Energy Release helps to release the tension in the face, freeing the muscles and the connective tissue to improve skin texture and muscle tone, leaving a relaxed expression. Every trauma, anxiety, stress or poor diet sets itself into the face over time.

Facial Energy Release is a unique form of facial massage which revitalises the whole body-mind system. Precise, gentle fingertip massage releases the connective tissue to make it more elastic and flexible, lifting and plumping; working over reflex points and meridians to release tension from the 91 muscles of the face, neck, skull and shoulders also helping to detoxify and balance the whole body. Blissfully relaxing it can help relieve jaw tension, headaches, improve wellbeing as well as improving the complexion.

Apart from simply looking better, clients often say they have a real sense of wellbeing. In fact, they feel invigorated, rejuvenated and ready to face any challenge.

There are 5 treatment sessions, each approximately 90 minutes in length. Each treatment works on a different part of the head, face and shoulders (upper back). During each session a deep relaxation, and a connection to the body’s energy is experienced. This leaves you with a deep sense of physical healing and emotional release.

Facial Energy Release is performed with very light pressure using the pads of the fingers. This releases the connective tissue found in the layers of the skin. The connective tissue can store stress, emotions, and tension. When the stress is released, the elasticity and flexibility of the skin is restored, leaving the face looking fresh and rejuvenated. In addition, acupuncture points located on the head and face are stimulated and activated to release healing energy to flow throughout the body. You are left with a feeling of wellbeing and deep relaxation.

Benefits of FER:

  • Complexion is improved
  • Facial skin becomes more hydrated, which strengthens, protects and preserves collagen in the deeper layers of the skin
  • The face looks fuller and relaxed
  • An energetic and physical face lift, also referred to as the “glow” of the skin
  • In addition, the practitioner considers the total health of the body, eg: water intake, diet, exercise, skin care programs, nutritional supplements, smoking and tobacco use.
  • The face, the person and the spirit are lifted.

the appointment – What to expect

The treatment is done with client lying down in a relaxed environment.

As FER is a ‘treatment’ not a ‘facial’ there is no need to remove make-up (though this can be done if wanted). A very small amount of Essential Oil is used to slightly moisten the finger pads of the therapist when working over the face and neck. When the therapist works over the scalp, oil does not need to be used, though sometimes a slight dampening of the finger pads with rose water is done to create a better ‘movement’ of tissue.

Total relaxation is aimed for so conversation is not recommended.

Over the 90 minutes of each session individual groups of connective tissue and muscles are gently worked on, loosening and stimulating by turn to encourage oxygen and blood to flow back into the skin/tissue cells.

Though one session will afford a gentle relaxation and ‘glow’ to the face, a series of 5 or 6 sessions are recommended for a more effective and longer lasting ‘lifting and freshening’ of the face.

how long is a session

The session is 90 minutes

You can just have one session, but you might benefit more from having a course of 5 or 6 sessions.

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“FER is a very useful treatment and in Joanna’s experienced hands it becomes extraordinarily effective. I booked my first FER as I felt unusually tense and run-down. The session itself was blissfully relaxing, but afterwards I noticed immediately how very different I felt—enormously relaxed, un-scrambled, grounded and focused. I also slept much better. It is striking to realise how much tension one carries routinely in the face, scalp and neck. I was so impressed that I invested in a course of FER, once monthly for several months.”

Sara M.

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