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Homeopathy for Excercise Related Injuries

H Each year there are several million exercise related injuries in this country. Of course it is not just the professional athlete who is affected, but the thousands of people who rely on exercise to keep fit, to continue a sport they love and of course those younger...

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Why consider Homeopathy for your child?

Many of the most common illnesses of childhood can be quickly and effectively treated with homeopathic medicine. Homeopathy is regaining recognition in the conventional field of medicine, the WHO [World Health Orginisation], recognises Homeopathy as the second most...

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What is Facial Energy Release?

Some people have confused Facial Energy Release [FER] with a beauticians’ ‘facial’. But really FER is a face, scalp, neck and shoulder ‘therapy’.  Working, like Bowen and Myofascial Release, on releasing and stimulating the connective tissue and muscles. Because...

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Why I use Bowen Technique

I had little idea when first introduced to the Bowen Technique in the mid 1990’s, that it would become the founding therapy of my practice. A change of circumstances in the early 2000’s led to a whirlwind journey that has driven and defined my life ever since. ...

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