Light Touch Spinal Alignment

Suitable for:

Ankylosing Spondylitis


Balance Problems


Back Pain


Visual Disturbances


Joint Pain














Lumbar Pain


Multiple Sclerosis


Neck Pain


Pins and Needles


Problems During/After Pregnancy


Repetitive Strain Injury


Sports Injuries






What is Light tough alignment?

Light Touch Spinal Alignment is derived from the laws of leverage, as observed in structural engineering. Like all structures, our bodies are subjected to the forces of gravity, and the laws of leverage come from our understanding of how those gravitational forces impact the human body and other structures.

Any form of stress can create imbalances to the core centre of gravity in the body, whether that stress is physical, mental, emotional, or even nutritional. By offering gentle “instructions”, Light Touch Spinal Alignment restores the body’s natural balance and stability, making it a great alternative to osteopathy or chiropractic, as well the ultimate holistic therapy for anyone with a stressful lifestyle.

Making an assessment against a plumb-line allows each Light Touch Spinal Alignment treatment to be adjusted to meet the precise needs of every client at the time they are being treated. The realignment helps to correct distortions, helping the patient’s body to heal itself. Many patients find improvement within a matter of a few minutes.

the appointment – What to expect

The patient will need to be in shorts or underpants and bra top to allow practioner to view their spinal alignment. The patient will be assessed against a plum line whilst standing on a ‘plate’ that holds the feet in a precise alignment. Small pencil marks are made on the top of one thigh so that the practioner has an exact spot to place their thumb when the patient is on the couch.

The actual alignment is done with patient lying prone on couch, partially covered by a towel while the practitioner uses a light movement over touch points that cover the gluteal area, the sacrum, the spine, shoulders, neck, back of the head and the abdomen. There is no force or manipulation of the spine.

how long is a session

Each session takes 20 – 30 minutes.

At least two sessions are recommended to assess whether the patient ‘holds’ their alignment.

Depending upon injury, health issue[s] or lifestyle more sessions may be recommended.

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Having suffered a nagging back pain for nearly 3 years, you will be very pleased to hear it has now completely gone. It is like you have flicked a switch and turned the pain off. Fantastic!.
I have been following your advice and been aware of my posture so I do not return to my old shape.
You also may be interested to know that the IBS I had also been suffering from stopped after my alignment. This may be helpful to other people, so I thought it worth mentioning.

Thank you so much again for your work.

Ian H.

I felt to so much better after spinal alignment, no pain and muscles more relaxed. Thanks Joanna!

Naomi Maynard

Lovely lady knows her stuff and it really works, not felt this good in years!

Ryan M.

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