Some people have confused Facial Energy Release [FER] with a beauticians’ ‘facial’. But really FER is a face, scalp, neck and shoulder ‘therapy’.  Working, like Bowen and Myofascial Release, on releasing and stimulating the connective tissue and muscles. Because the tissue of the face is so delicate, the work is extremely gentle and has been names as; ‘Angel’s Touch’, ‘The Fingertip Facelift’ and ‘Rejuvanessence’ [all trade names].

This ‘therapy’ grew out of the work of a Bodyworker, Stanley Rosenberg.  He was renowned for his work for performance artists, actors, dancers, musicians, people who used their bodies in different ways to express emotion, to move audiences. They came to Rosenberg to release the physical tensions holding them back from peak performance. He came to realise that the ‘face’ also required releasing if fluid movement and expression was to be achieved. A Swedish colleague, Margareta Loughran, further developed and refined, this facial release, and launched Rejuvanessence as a standalone therapy.

The face is our primary organ of emotional expression. Every trauma or stress sets itself in our facial muscles. Thinking about negative experiences of the past or imagining their recurrence re-stimulates the same muscular patterns. Even the act of repressing emotions leaves a trace in the tissue tension, a stiffening, ‘setting’ muscle expression. Often we are unaware of expressions, being habitual or spontaneous, raised eyebrows, furrowed brows, quirky smile, etc. It is common for all of us to develop laughter-lines as the face ages, but we are more likely to develop lines because of stressors such as worry, anger, guilt, grief.

FER as a ‘therapy’ helps to release these tensions in the face, freeing the muscles and the connective tissue to improve skin texture and muscle tone, leaving a relaxed, an uplifted expression. Lines, sagging and wrinkles diminish, and the face becomes more flexible, responsive and youthful in appearance, with clearer, brighter skin through improved circulation and lymph drainage.

We each have a set of 91 muscles that hold up the head and neck and create every facial expression. FER works to release the connective tissue surrounding each muscle group and then to stimulate each of the major muscle groups. The muscles become more elastic and toned but also it is an opportunity to release old emotional patterns.  Not unlike the improvement in one’s overall body by working out, the body ‘firms up’, as one stretches out at the end of an exercise session so does the body release held tensions, the same principle applies to the face.

FER encourages a very deep state of relaxation; the effect will be felt throughout the body. The combination of releasing tightened muscles and stresses held in the connective tissue, plus the stimulation of specific acupuncture points and meridian channels, allows blocked energy to be released throughout the body. Through a series of treatments, the body is encouraged to detoxify and rebalance, physically and emotionally. The unique quality of FER is the lasting effect in the connective tissue which softens the skin, restores mobility to one’s expression and improves the complexion.